How to Increase Your Sales and Profits on E-commerce Websites in Ghana
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How to Increase Your Sales and Profits on E-commerce Websites in Ghana

E-commerce in Ghana is no longer a strange word because savvy Ghanaian online marketers are now busy making money buying and selling products on the internet through e-commerce websites in Ghana and beyond the territorial boundaries of the Ghana. In Ghana today, e-commerce websites such as, and are well known and highly patronized. This uptick of e-commerce websites usage has paved way for the emergence of the, an online buying and selling platform serving Northern Ghana.

An e-commerce website offers Internet users a wonderful opportunity to make money from the comfort of their own homes. Some sellers have tremendous success; they make buying and selling online look very easy, and their merchandise almost sells itself. In reality, these e-commerce power sellers put a lot of effort into their listings. Here are some of their most vital tips to help you make more money through buying and selling online.

Construct A Good Reputation Online

To be a successful internet marketer in Ghana, you must first construct a good reputation for yourself. Your positive feedback is your lifeblood on a site like Before you start investing huge sums of your hard earned cedis to buy expensive products to sell, list and start selling some inexpensive merchandise to test the waters. Always respond courteously to your buyers, and send your items promptly to your buyers. This will bring the positive feedback you need. Once you have established yourself as an honest and reliable seller, you can start listing your more expensive merchandise. Buyers who see your high feedback rating will feel more comfortable buying fresh items from your listings.

Upload The Best Pictures of Your Product

Conventional wisdom will suggest this is just common sense because it is only prudent to display a nice picture of your product online since your potential customer is unable to see the product physically. Unfortunately, common sense, they say, is not common. Many online sellers overlook the importance of putting good pictures on their listings. Naturally, buyers want to know exactly what they are paying for, and what condition the item is in. Photograph the item from every angle. Document any damage honestly; you don’t want negative feedback from buyers who were not expecting wear and tear on their purchase. If you intend to sell jewelry or other small items online, try to include a coin or other item in the photo for size reference. Buyers are sometimes unpleasantly surprised by just how tiny their purchases are.

Write An Honest Description Of Your Product

Even though the previous recommendations about online selling are vital, equally take a look at your written descriptions. Do they have enough keywords to draw the attention of search engines? Do they have enough facts to satisfy customers’ questions? If the listing seems too short, add more facts about the item that will persuade customers to buy. Also watch out for typos and misspellings. Such mistakes might not seem like a big deal, but they turn some customers off. Carefully review everything you’ve written. Remember, your item descriptions on an e-commerce site listings are advertisements for your merchandise. Learn to market your goods in a way that convinces buyers to choose you over the competition.

Arrange A Suitable Payment Option

You have found a good product to sell on the internet, you have built a good online reputation for yourself, posted nice pictures of your product and you have written the best description about the item for sale. Now what? Once buyers have decided to purchase your item, they will want convenient payment options. Don’t expect to make a lot of sales if you do not offer buyers a convenient form of payment. Many internet shoppers in Ghana may not have the convenience of credit card purchasing, so it is expected of you to provide suitable payment option wherever you list an item to sell online in Ghana. The more payment options you offer, the easier buyers can buy from you. Convenience will draw more buyers and bring them back in the future.

Be A Professional Online Marketer

This point has already been discussed, but it is worth repeating: be professional. Your items might draw buyers, but your customer service will bring them back, possibly with friends. Follow the e-commerce website’s rules and don’t try to take dishonest short-cuts just to make a few extra cedis. If you charge improper tax or gouge buyers on shipping costs, you will eventually earn negative feedback. The same goes for slow shipping or rudeness. Treat your customers well. Their feedback, for better or for worse, will impact your future sales.

Buying and selling products online in Ghana can be easy to start, but if you put these tips into action you’ll really increase your profits.

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